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Swamp White Oak

Swamp White oak in the summer, nice large spreading tree.

Branch structure during winter


SWO in winter, common for smaller trees to have leaves hang on all winter.

SWO acorn and leaves -Notice the white color of the underside of leaves, very characteristic.

Bur oak is on left-- Swamp bur oak is in center--Swamp White Oak is on right.

SWAMP WHITE OAK- Zone 3-8 - Large rounded tree, does well in bottomlands but not Swampy Ground, large sweet acorns.
Age Height 25-99 100+
2 RP 2 6"-17" Click below for prices  
3 RP 3 18"-24"  
3 RP 3 24"-36"    
3 RP 3 3'-4'    
Potted Prices      
Potted 3-4 ft    
Potted 4'-5'    
Potted 5'-6'    

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