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Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple in fall color

The sugar maple is a large spreading tree that is good for the yard or in certain cases in windbreaks.  This tree is native to the eastern 1/2 of Iowa, and can survive in almost total shade when small, waiting for a chance to grow if it can get some sunlight.  It grows best in a well drained soil on a north slope.  It will not do well in clay soils or soil that has been compacted by new construction.  It is very sensitive to being planted too deep so this is very important if planting this tree.  The bark on smaller trees is subject to sunscald during the winter.

If wanting to plant this tree be well aware of the problems with soils and planting depth.  Its beauty in the fall makes it a favorite plant, and it wood is very strong  If used as a yard tree, can be very nice but does have a heavy leaf drop so will take lots of raking in the fall. 
Should not be used in any windbreak which also has evergreen trees in it, as with the large seed population in the fall, and being able to grow in the shade you will have large number of these trees growing under your evergreens eventually shading them out if not removed.  Would work Ok in a total deciduous tree windbreak.


Sugar Maple --- Same tree, different year, colors are not the same every year.


SUGAR (Hard) MAPLE- Zone 4-8 - Valuable wood, well drained soil, medium growth, maple syrup, upland tree.
Age Height 25-99 100+
2 RP 2 8"-16" click below for prices  
Bare root 2 RP 2 16-24"  
Potted Prices      
Potted 3'-4'    
Potted 7-12 ft    


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