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Living Snow Fence

Looking North here is a corn field used as a living snow fence, (probably not planned that way) good example of how a living snow fence does work.

For more long term effect to stopping the blowing snow use a combination of trees, shrubs or any other growing plants to accomplish this task.  If you would like us to design a living snow fence/windbreak for you drop us an E-mail.


Above is our field windbreak 2500 ft long and 85 ft wide and when the snow comes and the wind blows it piles up to 10 ft deep as shown in the picture below.  Three rows of conifers and two rows of deciduous trees in the middle make this field windbreak/living snow fence.  Below is in 2008, we are looking north.

 2008-2009 winter, All this snow drifted in and piled up here and partially shaded from the trees, the snow melted slowly in the spring.  Since the ground is not frozen under all this snow, water soaks into the ground instead of running off into our rivers and streams which is a major cause of flooding in the springtime..  The last of this snow here did not melt until April 23, 2009

One row of 12 ft. tall Austrees only 2 years old, the drift was over 4 ft tall.  They really make a great living snow fence right away and provides a lot of windbreak protection even in the winter.

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