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The Hackbrerry is one of my favorite trees.

The Hackberry is a large, moderate growth tree common in Iowa.  It has very strong wood that is very stringy and is rarely effected by windstorms, when we had our tornado here in 2004 we lost only one small branch on the tree in the picture.  It actually ripped all the leaves off the tree, and bent the tree over so far that it wrinkled the bark and it pulled away from the trunk but survived all that with no ill effects.

You will never have to rake the leaves from a hackberry as they totally dry up and are easily mowed into mulch.  The small pea sized fruits turn purple in the fall and are eaten by various animals and birds who spread the trees throughout the environment.

It survives well in most locations in Iowa and can grow well in any soil Iowa has to offer and is very drought resistant.  Does not like to be flooded for weeks at a time but everywhere else is fine.  Will grow well in the middle of a gravel road and new trees are frequently found growing around old abandon quarries.

Fall color is a yellow

The leaf looks similar to an elm tree but the bark is very distinct with it warty appearance and is the easiest way to identify it.  They makes a great yard or windbreak tree plant 20-50 ft apart and keep all Hackberry at least 30 ft from any evergreen row especially arborvitae as there roots can go large distances and compete with other trees for moisture.

Hackberry goes down in over 100 mph storm. Hackberry has very strong wood and deep wide spreading roots, and is rarely damaged by storms but with 5 inches of rain, and over 100 MPH winds, the roots broke loose and the tree toppled. The roots went over 5 ft deep on this tree.  No branches were broke before the roots let loose.

HACKBERRY- Zone 2-9 - Valuable white wood, good to fair soil, fast growth.
Height 25-99 100+
8"-17"" Click below for prices  
Potted  3'-4'    
Potted  4'-5'    

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