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Green Ash

If you see any trees like the ones pictured below anywhere in Iowa or the Midwest, immediately report it to your local County extension agent.

We no longer sell ash trees due the the Emerald Ash Boer.

This tree shown above has EMB.  If you have ash trees and they look like the above, or the ones on
 the right of the picture and it has not been identified in your county immediately contact your county agriculture agent and report it. We cannot stop this serious pest only slow it down so be alert anywhere in the Midwest if you see ash trees looking like this. The green flush of growth at the bottom of the trees is very characteristic of this pest.

These are tunnels caused by the EMB.  Also notice the D shaped exit holes of this pest.

To see more information about the EMB in Iowa click here.

GREEN ASH- Zone 2-7 - White wood, fair soil, fast growth, flood areas, Good for Riparian Buffers.
Height 5-99 100+
  Ash borer  no longer available


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